About Me

Welcome to the personal portfolio page of graphic designer, front-end web developer, UX/UI designer, illustrator and fine artist, Monica Gibbs.

A brief background on me. I’ve been creating art in some capacity my entire life. I guess one could say that art chose me from the beginning. I love clean and what I call “focused” design that has a strong conceptual base. This means before I begin a project, I love to think about how I will visually communicate the story behind it, prepare its functionality and how the audience will interact with the final product.

I’ve used this approach in everything from logo design to direct mail pieces; from brochures to corporate branding; and from poster design to website design and beyond.

Take a quick look at just a few of my design projects in my portfolio area. Thanks for visiting!

Specialties: corporate identity and branding, logo design, promotional design (posters, flyers, direct mail, etc.), editorial design, layout, web design, HTML, CSS, UX/UI, WordPress, illustration, oil painting

You can download my resume here.